potting soil mix used to strengthen the soil, potting soil mix used to strengthen the soil

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Best Potting soil growRITE, by Riteways, has some unique qualities. The soil is loose, well-aerated, and drains well. The biomass in it retains moisture and insulates plant roots, enabling the growth of food in hot and cold climates. Over 20 years in the making, growRITE.

When macro and micro mineral nutrients are added to the soil along with organic inputs like panchagavya, it creates a rich microbial community that supports the growth of fruits and vegetables.

Growing with growRITE Potting Soil

Good for growing many things together

The growRITE soil contains nutrients and minerals essential to vigorous plant growth and abundant yields.A good soil can have an enormous impact on your garden.  It produces organic food that is highly nutritious.

Growing with growRITE is easy due to its air-filled porosity, and it does not shrink away from the pot’s side as it dries. Growing with growRITE is the best way to raise your plant. The weight is ideal – not too heavy to lift, not too light to blow over easily.

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growRITE soil bag for filling soil

growRITE Soil Available Size

Nothing else required

Bag size: 20 Kg
Ingredients: Biomass, macro-micro nutrients & microflora.
Price: ₹1,800/-

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How growRITE Soil  Works!

What is the difference between potting soil and potting mix?

growRITE soil is a complete growing medium in which saplings can be planted directly without bothering much about adding anything else. Potting mix is a soilless medium that needs to be mixed with the soil as per the supplier’s recommendation.

What is the best soil for plants in pots?

The best soil for plants is one that has high humus content. Humus in the soil reclaims Carbon from the atmosphere and increases the health of soil life.

Can I use growRITE soil instead of topsoil?

Yes, using growRITE soil ensures that the plants get what they want. The topsoil may or may not have all the ingredients and also it depends on where the topsoil is coming from, it could be from a chemical-laden farm/field.

What kind of soil is growRITE?

Good potting soil should be loose, well-draining, and well aerated for better root penetration. The soil should have good biodiversity, in other words, it should be alive with microorganisms.

How do you rejuvenate potting mix?

Add some well-rotted compost and EM.1 or panchagavya.

Can you plant in just potting mix?

Potting mix is a soilless medium and might contain concentrates. Read manufacturre’s instructions before using it.