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Compost Bin TALLBOY by Riteways Bangalore, buy online. Discover our range of apartments and home composting bin at the best prices. TALLBOY Compost containers have built-in curing and are hassle-free devices that need no manual intervention, converts all kinds of bio-degradable waste into rich compost.

compost bins for composting organic waste into rich compost

“Three Qualifiers” before selecting any Composters

It is not that easy now to simply through the trash bag on the road, the authorities are empowered to charge heavy fines and cameras are getting installed at dumping spots. Why take the risk? composting is easy, anyone can do it at home.

3 things to keep in mind before selecting the right composter:

  1. How much time will it take to fill up?
  2. Is it sufficiently aerated?
  3. Does it have inbuilt curing?


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Segregated Wet Waste?

Composting takes 2-3 months, the longer your bin takes to fill up the better it is for composting process. Typically, the home compost bin available in the market fill up in a week’s time.

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Bin Aeration?

Aeration makes better compost and the odors are sweat/sour fermentation. Without aeration, it becomes difficult to ferment and the decomposition happens through putrefaction, releasing Methane, Ammonia & Hydrogen Sulphide, which are bad smell like rotten eggs.
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Inbuilt curing?

If the composter volume is low and it is filling up faster than 2-3 months, it will take too much effort for curing. Every time the bin will need to be emptied and contents transferred to the curing place. Do you have that kind of free space? What about the smell and the rodents getting attracted to it?

About TALLBOY Community and Home Composting Bins

Best Community, Apartment and Home Composters

TBB 400 Composter, the drum-shaped bin is our “Home Compost Bio Bin”  and TBB 1500, the box-shaped is our “Community/Apartment Compost Bio Bins”. Both these bins have inbuilt curing, they fill up in 2-3 months’ time and are highly aerated. Not everyone has the time and willingness to manually engage with foul-smelling rotting waste. For those who are looking for a simple solution “Fill it” – “Shut it” – “Forget it”, TALLBOY Composting bio bins are the right choice.


Award winning trophy for best composting bins from India 2000 best MSME awards

2-3 months filling time

A household generally generates anywhere from 500 gm to 1.25 Kg of kitchen waste. It can be quite wet sometimes. TALLBOY compost bin is designed to drain off the moisture to a leachate collection space at the bottom from where it can be drained off. Since the bin takes 2-3 months to fill, by the time it has got completely filled up the bottom layers are ready to harvest as finished compost.

Inbuilt curing

sIt is a very repulsive thing to empty the foul-smelling rotten half-finished contents from the composting bio bins and transfer the same to some airy space for curing. The curing space can get easily infested with insects and pests. Since the TALLBOY home composting bin has inbuilt curing there’s never a need to empty the bin. Just keep filling the contents from the top till the bin gets completely filled up. Harvest from the bottom.

Highly aerated

A good composting pile needs aeration to keep things fermenting. Either the decomposition happens through “Fermentation” or “Putrefaction”. Fermentation generates a sweat-sour odour and Putrefaction generates a rotten eggs smell. TALLBOY composting bin is 90% open on the sides allowing good breathing of the composting pile with in, which is why these bins generate earthy smell compost.


View our range of Best Compost Containers

Riteways TALLBOY Home Composter for converting organic waste into rich compost

TBB 400 Home Composter

TALLBOY Home Compost Container

Daily Treatment Capacity: up to 5 Kg/day
Filling Time: 2-3 months
Dimensions:  2ft dia x 3 ft Height
Price: ₹28,000/-

community composter for composting organic waste into rich compost

TBB 1500 Community Composter

TALLBOY Community Compost Containers

Daily Treatment Capacity: up to 25 Kg/day
Filling Time: 2-3 months
Dimensions:  4ft long x 4 ft wide x 4 ft high
Price: ₹98,000/-

How do TALLBOY Compost Bio Bins Work?

Composting in just 3 steps


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Keep filling from top till the bin gets completely filled up. Draw leachate from bottom tap, once in 3-4 days.
Organic waste grinding in composting bins


Sprinkle Absorbent once every day while closing of the day. If you use bacteRITE composting mix, it also has the composting microbes



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Start harvesting fully digested, nutrient-rich earthy smell finished & ready to use compost from the bottom only after the bin has filled to the brim. Harvest as and when you need but only 30% of your daily input.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How Compost Bio Bins Work!

Which is the best Composting Bio Bin?

TALLBOY Composting Bin is designed for hassle-free composting, has inbuilt curing, and produce fully digested compost. Keep filling from the top, without ever touching or curing the contents separately. Other composting bio bins require manual removal of the contents and curing elsewhere.

Does a compost containers need a bottom?

The compost container with open bottom can be used if the composter is placed in the garden area and the bottom is mud. Even under such conditions, it is possible for rats to burrow into the composting bio bin from the bottom.

Bins placed on a concrete or hard floor cannot have an open bottom.

Do composting bio bins attract rats?

If composting takes the “Putrification” route, rotten egg smell generates which attracts rats. If compost is made through fermentation, the sweet-sour smell will occur, and that is not a problem.

How do home composter works?

The home composter is simply a container for the decomposition of food waste. Composting can happen either via fermentation or putrification. Fermentation has a sweet-sour smell and is bearable. Putrification smells like rotten eggs and is very unpleasant. Fermentation can take place if the bins are large and aerated.