Proactive & committed entity in Waste Management.

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Proactive & committed entity in Waste Management.

About us

RITEWAYS is a company founded in 2010 with over 10 years of experience in waste management. It operates in three verticals:

TALLBOY Zero Garbage Solutions

Solid Waste Management

TALLBOY Zero Garbage Solutions

waste water management

Wastewater Management

rejuWATER Sewage Treatment

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Urban Farming & Vertical gardening

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12


Globally, food waste has been a major issue for the last decade as it threatens the environment and public health. Rotting releases methane, which causes the greenhouse effect. The toxic leachates and pathogenic microorganisms released from landfills enter surrounding agricultural lands & water systems causing enormous harm to human life and livestock. Composting is implemented as a solution to manage and reduce food waste according to global sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12
Nutritious Fruits

Our Approach

The age-old mindset of bringing all the waste to one place to a centralized facility is not sustainable anymore. We have seen that this only creates more and more landfills. Shifting garbage to landfills and then engaging agencies to bio mine the legacy waste sites is a huge wasteful expenditure that burns the taxpayer money.

Decentralization is the key to sustainable waste management.

Comply to SWM Rules 2016

Anybody producing more than 100 Kg of garbage is now classified as a “Bulk Waste Generator (BWG)” and the Municipal corporations are not supposed to lift the waste from BWG locations. Insitu composting at all Bulk Waste Generator locations as suggested by the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 is the rite way!