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Riteways, Bangalore, Manufacturers and suppliers of best semi/fully automatic Organic waste converter machine TALLBOY across India, for Apartments, Home, Commercial and Industrial usage at best prices, is a unique system to convert your organic waste into high quality earthy smell rich compost.

Our TALLBOY Compost Equipments are fully automatic and highly compact machine that can efficiently mix and compost organic waste regardless of the moisture content. Our machine features an extremely user friendly design, smart operation, easy maintenance and low cost

organic waste converter for converting organic waste into rich compost
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Home Waste Converter

Like any other dustbin, you don’t have to bother about anything’s. Just keep dumping from top.
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Community Waste Converter

No shredding, this waste converter connects to up to 25 houses. Just keep dumping from the top.
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Customized Solutions

For bulk waste generators, TALLBOY OWC Plants are available from 50 Kg/day to 5 tons/day capacity.

Compost without heat & electricity

TALLBOY organic waste converter design uses vertical space in order to save floor space. Multi Layered vertical digestion allows TALLBOY Compost Containers to completely digest organic waste, producing a rich brown, highly nutritious, earthy smell compost. Composted organic waste from Tallboy waste converter machine contains a high amount of humus, which enhances soil biodiversity. In Tallboy Organic waste shredder, there is a curing system inbuilt, so you can harvest the rich compost each day.


TALLBOY OWC Machine for composting organic waste into rich compost

OWC Machine(Semi Automatic) TALLBOY

OWC Machines(Semi Automatic) TALLBOY are hassle-free machine that converts all kitchen waste, food waste and garden waste, including eggshells and bones into fully digested, highly nutritious, earthy compost. The system does not need a full-day operation and can be operated by any unskilled housekeeping staff member. In 2010, Tallboy Organic Fertilizer Machine became the first successful built-in curing device.

CapacityStarting Price (₹)
50 to 2000 Kg/day2,00,000/-


TALLBOY Organic Waste composter for composting organic waste into rich compost


The home waste composter TALLBOY TBB 400 is a foolproof design that requires no manual intervention or separate curing. In regular dustbins you have to empty them when full, here you don’t even have to empty it! Just keep adding food waste and garden waste at the top and harvest the compost as and when needed. The TBB400 home composter are the only one on the market that makes compost process so easy.

Capacity                        Starting Price(₹)

Up to 5 Kg/day                 18,000/-


TALLBOY Community Composter for composting organic waste


With the TALLBOY TBB 1500 Community organic waste composter, 15 to 20 flats in apartments can compost their wet waste at a reasonable cost and without much hassle. TALLBOY Composter convert organic waste to manure without foul odours or pest issues. It does not require any manual intervention, such as turning or separate curing. Simply keep filling from the top. It can’t get any easier.

Capacity                     Starting Price (₹)

Up to 25 Kg/day         95,000/-


Community waste composter for composting organic waste


Tallboy’s proprietary method of organic waste processing at tons per day. Community Organic waste composter TPD allows fast compost process without compromising compost quality. No external heating is used in composters and no electricity is used to decompose the material. Lowest footprint and highest quality output. All of the above results in a cost of production per kg of compost that is significantly lower than any other waste composter of similar size.

Capacity                        Starting Price (₹)

2 to 10 Tons/day           15,00,000/-


The Industries We Serve

Waste converters from RITEWAYS can be used by diverse industries for wet waste composting
For residential buildings Apartment Sobha Petunia

Residential Buildings

Corporate offices SEZ, ITES & Townships BIA SWM

SEZ, ITES & Townships

place of workship Matri Mandir, Auroville

Places of Worship

For residential buildings Apartment Sobha Petunia

Hotels and Restaurants

For residential buildings Apartment Sobha Petunia

Clubs and Resorts

For hospitals


For municipal and corporations

Municipal Wards

for commercial shoping malls

Malls & Shopping Complexes

For agriculture markets

Vegetable, Fish & Meat Markets

For factory canteens

Commercial Canteens


Almost no customer complaints with all installations across India without an office or service centre network!


Why us

We provide best class compost process solutions to meet your needs

Proprietary Design

Proprietary Design


Made from upcycled containers. Use original, beware of lookalikes!

No Heating TALLBOY Zero Garbage Solutions

No Heating

100% Natural decomposition.

Rich, fully digested, Earthy smell compost. Alive and high humus content.

Bio bin home TBB400 Lowest cost per Kg

Lowest cost per Kg

Unskilled operation for 3-4 hrs

Rs.2 to 3 per Kg, for producing a quality of compost that can fetch good market price.

Learn more about RITEWAYS’ Organic Waste Management Solutions

RITEWAYS leading solid waste management companies in India, are the manufactures and suppliers of a variety of organic waste converters for decentralized waste management systems for apartments, commercial and other various industry sectors. For any bulk waste generator, RITEWAYS simplifies, executes, and makes organic waste management affordable. No matter the size of your organization, whether you are a governmental agency, a large corporation, an industrial kitchen, or an extended family, RITEWAYS has the right solution for you.

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Calculate Your Cost per Kg, Today

Tallboy systems utilize one or two unskilled employees to process organic wastes in a continuous single batch operation lasting 3 to 4 hours. That is why “our cost per Kg” is very low.

How can we Help

With our tools and experience, we can fix any composting problem, whether it’s a faulty system at your end or if you want to hand off the operation to a third party.

Faulty system?

Incorrect compost equipment results in SWM not happening.

Zero Garbage Zone

You can turn it into a revenue centre instead of paying to dispose of waste.

Operation Services

We can do this for you if you don’t want to do it on your own.

Partner with us

We are scaling up through franchise partners in this futuristic business.

Compost sample


Client feedback on their composting program

Madhu saran customer image
Proud Moment!
RWA Sector-47, Noida has been awarded Rs. one lakh in the Solid Waste Management Award Competition jointly organized by the Bureau of Indian Standards & Noida Authority, Noida. TALLBOY® OWC Plant supplied by Riteways is the heart of this SWM facility.

“Thank you so much to the Riteways team…their compost system helped us make our project sustainable as it gave us good quality compost.
In two years it produced 60,000 kg of compost and we sold about 35000 kg at a rate of Rs 10/kg. This revenue we earned met day to day expense of running the project and made it sustainable.”

Madhu Saran

RWA Member, Sector 47 - Noida

Priya customer image
“Thanks to TALLBOY from Riteways, we as a community are contributing towards greener earth by composting our daily kitchen waste. Zonasha Paradiso is extremely happy to be partnering with Riteways in this green initiative. We are looking forward to working with them in the future on yet another project.”

RWA Member, Zonasha Paradiso, Bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the function of TALLBOY OWC Machine?

In order for TALLBOY OWC Machine to operate, the community must separate the wet waste. All organic waste, including kitchen waste and garden waste, is considered wet waste. An organic waste composter converts wet waste into compost, which can be used as organic manure.

How is organic waste converted into compost?

how is organic waste is converted into compost explaining chart graph

how is organic waste is converted into compost explaining chart graph

how is organic waste is converted into compost explaining chart graph [/caption]

Composting is a digestion process that involves decomposing organic waste. By producing enzymes, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa break down the long-chain molecules into smaller ones. In each stage (Mesophilic, Thermophilic & Cooling), different organisms enter the pile to work their magic on it.

What can you compost?

Vegetables & peels, leftover foods, egg shell, coffee tea powder, coconut shells, leaves & garden waste, pizza boxes, areca leaf plates, paper plates, cardboard boxes, paper

What you can't compost?

Plastics, Medical waste, Diapers, Glass, Metal, basically any man made synthetic material that would not decompose naturally.

What are 5 examples of organic waste?

Waste food (both veg and non-veg, including bones & eggshells), Food scraps, such as vegetable and fruit peels, Dry leaves, cardboard & paper napkins, sewage sludge, farm waste. Any living matter that decomposes can be composted!

Will it smell while composting the waste?

There is a little bit of science, a little bit of art, and a lot of natural work involved in composting. Like good cooking, good composting also takes a few failed attempts. Fermentation takes place when the system is designed with a lot of aeration, giving off a sweaty, sour smell.

What is Leachate?

The process of fermentation releases carbon dioxide and water during composting. The excess moisture in the composting pile settles at the bottom as leachate. If the composting waste is purely kitchen and garden waste, the leachate can carry nutrients in a concentrated form.

What is organic Waste Composting Machine TALLBOY?

Organic waste composting machine TALLBOY is a plug and play devices, is a bundle of high speed shredder and composting bins with inbuilt curing (no foggers needed in our system), that enables composting in urban areas where organic waste is generated on a daily basis in large quantities and needs to be converted into compost. The space is limited and the presence of flies and foul odor is not permitted.
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